1. Declaration of conformity ТС N RU Д-RU.АУ40.В.10188 Geo Goods, LLC

2. Declaration of conformity ТС N RU Д-PE.АУ40.В.09911 Xpodeka S.A.C.

Declaration quinoa chia amaranth Xpodeka

3. USDA organic certificate Xpodeka S.A.C.

USDA organic Xpodeka

4. EU organic certificate Xpodeka S.A.C.

 EU organic screenshot

5. Declaration of conformity ТС N RU Д-PE.АА78.В.00694 Agritrade S.A.C.

Declaration Agritrade Screenshot

6. Organic certificate Agritrade S.A.C.

Organic Certificate Agritrade screenshot

7. HACCP certificate (англ. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

8. GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice).

9. Declaration of conformity quinoa flakes N RU Д-RU.АА78.В.01606
Declaration quinoa flakes fitnessier

 10. Declaration of conformity amaranth flakes N RU Д-RU.АА78.В.01827

11. Declaration of conformity whole grain flour ЕАЭС N RU Д-RU.АА78.В.01884
Declaration flour fitnessier
12. Consent to processing of personal data
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