Organic goods — products of agriculture and food industry which are grown up and made without use (or with the minimum use) of artificial pesticides, synthetic mineral fertilizers, regulators of growth, artificial food additives, genetically modified products (GMO). Also organic products call eco products (environmentally friendly), bio-products - i.e. "live".
Methods of organic agricultural industry include use of the principles of biological interaction and maximization of useful effect:
• using of animal and vegetable waste as fertilizers;
• use of a crop rotation for recovery of the soil;
• refusal of use of fungicides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers and antibiotics;
• application of biological methods of protection of plants;
• use of the closed cycle agriculture cattle breeding (plant growing — a forage, cattle breeding — fertilizers).
The organic agricultural industry is many times more difficult and more expensive traditional that inevitably influences the final cost of products. But despite it, it purchases the increasing popularity as the number of people, the appreciating advantages and tastes of products grows.

Geo Goods company presents at the Russian market organic superfoods: Quinoa, Chia, Amaranth which are grown in the highlands of Peru that guarantees the highest quality, ecological purity and a maximum of advantage for health. All products which are produced under the Geo Goods trademark undergo comprehensive control and have outstanding tastes.

All products of Geo Goods TM, Fitnessier TM has Declarations on compliance. Amaranth, Quinoa, Chia seeds have exporter's Organic certificates and test reports on each import amount.

Flour, flakes are produced of an organic Amaranth and Quinoa and completely conform to requirements of organic production (that call a product organic in its structure there have to be not less than 95% of organic raw materials - in turn our Flour and Flakes for 100% consist of organic raw materials).

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